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A. FABRIC,he fabrics we usually used are ,
        1. cotton fabric, such as plain fabric, ( 110g/sqm ,140g/sqm, 180g/sqm), twill fabric (200g/sqm), canvas fabric
            (8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 1oz=28.35g), of course sometimes the other specials will be used in line with the requirement
            of clients, For example, organic cotton fabric, bamboo fabric etc, and for organic cotton bag, the most important
            is to get the certificate of organic. Regarding the certificate, the best is for organic bag, the second choose is for
            organic fabric, the third is for organic yarn, and then is for organic cotton. We can dye almost every color by the
            requirement of customer, but the weight of per sqm will be down by about 12%. For general fabric in natural
            color, the MOQ of over 5000pcs is available, but for the dyed one, MOQ must be over 10000pcs. Otherwise, for
            the special fabric like organic and bamboo, MOQ is over 20000pcs even it is in natural color.
        2. Non woven fabric , the composition is polypropylene, there usually are spunbond nonwoven, meltblown
             nonwoven and needle nonwoven, but what is used to be shopping bag is spunbond nonwoven fabric, the
             nonwoven fabric factory can make all kinds of weight whose per sqm is from 10g to 150g , and the most
             suitable to be shopping bag is 70g or 80g. We usually keep some popular color in our stock, if customer can
             choose in those colors, MOQ is ok for over 5000pcs, however, for some of special color out of our stock, we
             could do, but MOQ should be over 20000pcs.
        3. Polyester, the composition of most polyester is terylene, it will be coated PA layer or PU, PVC layer as per
             requirement of customers, The fabric will be softer when coated with PU, but harder and thicker with PVC,
             besides, if the fabric is coated with PA layer, it will be softer than with PVC but harder than with PU, however, it
             will be cheaper than the two others.
        4. Others, we also will adopt PET materials, which are mainly made from the recycled plastic bottles, there are two
             kinds of forms it looks like, one is similar to nonwoven fabric, another is like cotton fabric with fiber. All of them
             are more expensive than nonwoven and cotton fabric, but the “KEY” is that they are recycled materials.
        Of course we also will use other materials as requirement of customer.
B. Imprinting,
        1. In the line of shopping bag, the popular imprinting are, water ink screen, plastisol  screen, heat transfer printing
            heat sublimation printing.
        2. If our fabric is in nature color or is bleached cotton fabric, we usually adopt water ink screen, if the fabric is dyed
            cotton or nonwoven fabric, we usually use plastisol screen, both of those screen printing can’t express some
            of exact printing with change color steadily as per photos. For the photos printing, we have to use heat transfer
            printing or heat sublimation printing, but the expensive cost stopped some of customer to use them,
       3. Strictly speaking, only sublimation printing can be washed because their ink has gone into the fiber of fabric,
            however, the fabric must be Polyester or T/C fabric (mixture of polyester and cotton), can’t be pure cotton or
            nonwoven fabric. For screen printing, it also can be washed but customer should request that in advance
            because we have to process it specially.
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