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we usually use below printing in our products.

1.  Water printing, this is a kind of screen printing, for the ink is water ink, it is easy to dissolve into water or composition of cotton, we call it water printing.

2.  Plastisol printing, also is a kind of screen printing, the ink is one kind of plastisol, which is difficult to dissolve into water or cotton, so the ink will be much thicker on the bag. Some of country call it cream printing. Both of water printing and plastisol printing suit for simple line design, but not for photo printing.

3.  Heat transfer printing, At first we print the logo on the special paper which with a layer sticker, and then transfer the logo to the bag from paper by heat. The shortage of this method is the high cost, but it is very suitable for the photo printing.

4.  Another printing which suit for photo printing is Heat sublimation, when the quantity is big and most of the composition is polyester, we can use heat sublimation to show photo printing, even the exact degree of photo effect is lower than heat transfer, but the cost also will be lower than heat transfer printing.

     The most popular printing method in the line of shopping bag is as above, also we have tried to print photo logo by screen method, but the effect always rough even if the cost was down.
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